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Dr. Vahid Sahiholnasab, MD, FRCP



Vahid Eyeforcer Medical Wearables

Dr. Vahid Sahiholnasab is a doctor, entrepreneur and co-founder of Medical Wearable Solutions. He has more than 12 years experience in internal medicine and geriatrics and holds four board certifications from the United States and Canada. Dr Sahiholnassb is also a clinical instructor  at the University of British Columbia & the University of Calgary. This dedication to lifelong learning is one of the reasons why Dr. Sahiholnasab started Medical Wearable Solutions. He is passionate about solving medical problems and feels wearable technology holds great potential to do so.

Hossein Ryan Sahiholnasab


Ryan Sahiholnasab Eyeforcer

Ryan completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at West Vancouver’s Mulgrave School. Following graduation, he attended Whitman College in the United States. The pre-Med courses he took at Whitman sparked an interest in preventative medicine, which led to discussions with his business partner and mentor, Dr. Vahid Sahiholnasab. In one of those discussions, the idea of a device like the EyeForcer emerged as a way to prevent growing medical issues among the tablet generation. Ryan returned to British Columbia and is now studying business. He wants to combine his interest in medicine with a desire to market innovative solutions.