Gameboy Disease

Gameboy Disease

Gameboy Disease – also called Gameboy Back and Tech Neck – is a newly defined condition caused by the constant use of gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets and other gaming systems. Symptoms can include poor posture, neck pain, back pain, headaches, and vision problems.

This condition affects adults, but it’s more dangerous for developing children. According to the Dutch orthopaedic surgeons who coined the term “Gameboy Back”, a child’s spine is like a bonsai tree. If you force it in a direction for a prolonged period of time, it will grow that way.

To be diagnosed with Gameboy Disease, a patient has to have

  1. a history of gadget use (at least 2 years)
  2. poor posture (C Spine)
  3. at least one of the following
    • neck Pain
    • back Pain
    • headaches
    • vision Problems
    • mood Issues

If left untreated, Gameboy Disease can result in complications like

  1. obesity
  2. depression
  3. spinal disc herniation
  4. high blood pressure

Dutch spinal surgeons, Dr. Piet van Loon and Andre Soeterbroek, coined the term “Gameboy Back” after noticing an increase in the number of children (aged eight to 18) with back problems.

The condition can cause disability in early adulthood and later life. It also puts significant pressure on health care systems and increases health care costs.

But with technology like Medical Wearable Solutions’ EyeForcer, prevention can start as early as age three.