How Shower Bathing Trolley has Made Work Easier for Caregivers

Unlike in the past, when a basin, water and soap seemed too cumbersome to shower a bed-ridden patient, today, a shower bathing trolley has become the protocol for showering bed-ridden patients. Research showed that bathing a bed-ridden patient using a basin and a soap increases the chances of bacteria exposure, increases dryness to the skin, and it is cumbersome and time-consuming. While bathing is the best thing to observe for bed-ridden patients, the bathing schedule most of the time depends on the doctors’ recommendations and the patient’s preference. Taking a bath daily for patients has exceptional health benefits. For example, it increases the patients’ comfort, and it is the best way to check on pressure sores or even bed sores. Today practice and hospital protocols prefer shower trolleys for bed-bound patients. It is therefore the most useful piece of equipment for bed-ridden patients, especially when transferring patients to the shower spots, and it has hydraulic adjustments such as height, pillow adjustment and others that you can adjust with less effort to make the patient in a certain desired posture. This piece of equipment features side rails that you can adjust effortlessly as required. The framing is made of epoxy-coated stainless steel for maximum moisture resistance, while the wheels have lockable wheels for easy maneuvering through corridors and streets.

Using a gas spring and drainage horse for showers makes water drainage easy, plus the tilt features ease water drainage from the trolley. You can save space by hanging the shower trolley using store away wall hooks when not in use.


Advantages of using shower trolleys in hospitals

There are many advantages of using shower trolleys in hospitals to make the work of caregivers easier.

  • Hydraulic adjustment: hydraulic adjustments makes it easier to transfer patients from shower trolley to hospital bed and vice versa. Transferring patients to and fro the shower area is easier because trolley showers have wheels for ease of movement.
  • The drop features: trolley showers have drop features that make it convenient to drop patients to hospital beds and vice versa. They also have safety catches fitted for convenience and safety from falls.
  • Weight capacity: the shower trolley has a sturdy build that can accommodate patients up to 190 kilograms.
  • Steering feature on the wheels: its wheels have straight-wheel steering features for easy maneuvering in the hospital corridors and streets.
  • Patients’ comfort features: the shower trolleys are fitted with comfort features such as pillow head support, tray liner and more.
  • Outlet hose: the outlet hose allows for easy water drainage. No water shall stagnate on the shower trolley during bathing, improving hygiene standards.
  • Heavy lifting features: heavy lifting features on the trolley showers allow the patients to dry more quickly.
  • The coating on the framework: all the framework is heavy coated and covered with PVC material to prevent corrosion and other effects of weather.
  • Made-to-order: shower trolleys are available in various capacities and sizes plus made-to-order options for special cases and are made in different colours to suit the colour preference of patients or hospital administrators.
  • Varied features: shower trolleys harbour more than fifty features to suit all kinds of bed-bound patients, and they accommodate both adults and children.
  • Extraordinary adjustment feature: some are built with motorised adjustment features to help patients and caregivers a great deal.

There are many types of shower bathing trolleys available at Modsel. Study each model and variant so that you can make the most out of your budget while making sure that you get the best one that fits your purpose.




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